About us

Our objectives

The project will help prepare students (future workers) for emerging technological realities in the automated systems and robotics fields for the Industry 5.0 scenario where there is even more collaboration between humans and robots.

Upskill teachers

Upskill teachers to stimulate innovative teaching practices by providing teachers with training/insight into Challenge Based Learning for effective pedagogical delivery, ensuring the most effective and motivating support for students, leading to practical achievement

Teach students

Teach current students and to upskill and reskill future workers and the unemployed for emerging technological realities, improving the pool of skilled labor and the employability of graduates, increasing collaboration with and reducing the skills gap between technical universities/HVET educational offer and what the labor market needs, and increasing the overall industrial competitiveness throughout Europe

Address digital transformation

Address digital transformation, not only by providing education through an e-learning platform but also by addressing the digitalization of warehouses and manufacturing processes